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If you want to learn real Affiliate Marketing and what it takes to

become an affiliate marketer then this site is for you.


There are no courses being sold here.


I’ll show you what you need to learn and the tools required.


Join me on a journey to unlock financial freedom and discover the art

of success in the digital realm. Explore, learn, and thrive with me.

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Change who you are

Omega Amigo is not merely a website, it embodies a way of life. Yes, it may sound somewhat cliché, but if you’re not ready to fully commit, it’s time to move on. True success can only be attained through an unwavering determination to bring about changes in your life. Formulate a clear goal and foster a burning desire within your mind, and then make the commitment here at Omega Amigo. The journey toward realizing your desires and achieving happiness commences right here and right now.

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There are several goals of this site.  We will leave the grind of working for the “Man” and through hard work and dedication get our own business up and running to achieve personal and financial success.  The initial goal is to set up 10 affiliate sites and get these earning $100 dollars per month.  The next milestone is $500 dollars per month and the final milestone will be to get each site earning $1,000 dollars per month.  There will be no paid advertising spend and all traffic will be organic and SEO based.

Stay Up To Date

First Milestone is $30K

You can visualise and desire any amount that you want to attain whilst joining us on this journey, for the purpose of this project the initial aim of omega amigo is to reach $30K.  I will keep a running total on this website below starting at Zero dollars and be fully transparent with my earnings.  When you join me on this journey it would be great if you keep the community up to date with your progress and let everyone know what is working and what isn’t.  let’s share our knowledge and success so we can all benefit and grow together.

Share Success & Failure

Conquering Your Trust With HONESTY

Whilst it is certainly possible to begin an affiliate marketing journey with zero investment, I do not recommend you do so.  You will need about $1,000 dollars to begin with to buy essential tools like domain names, hosting, software and reference materials.  Since the average cost of an educational degree is astronomically higher, Investing $1,000 dollars is a fraction of the cost.  Don’t worry I’m not charging you $1,000 dollars, this is just the realistic costs of setting up.

Hosting & Domains

Sick of Your 9-5? Tired of Taking

Orders from someone you have

no respect for? 

Are you sick and tired of the grind?  sick of working long hours for someone else or some faceless, bloated corporate entity?  Tired of your “boss” and their bullying tactics?  Giving the best of yourself so they can make money off of your effort and toil?  Taking the first step to becoming an entrepreneur and being your own boss is the key to bringing success to your personal and professional life.  Which is why you should follow my journey here at Omega Amigo.


Omega Amigo Digital Marketing



The affiliate marketing space is full of charlatans and fake guru’s who just want to sell you expensive courses, all of the information required to be an affiliate marketer is available free or cheaply online.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme

Affiliate marketing requires skills and most of all persistence.  the process is not quick and neither should it be.  You can choose not to believe this but please be aware you will lose a lot of money in the process.  Time is money so please do not place your faith in the charlatans.

Build a solid foundation

In order to become an affiliate marketer you need to build a solid foundation.  Through trial and error, learning and skills you can definitely be an affiliate marketer.  There is no magic formula to help you succeed, but you can build a structure and devise a pattern that will bring you success.  The rest will be up to you.


"Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Warren Buffet

"Affiliate marketing is not a ‘push-button’ solution. It takes focus and commitment, and a certain choreography to make it happen the way you want it to.”

Pat Flynn

"Organic reach is so important because the impression you get when someone comes directly to your page is a much more qualified lead and potentially a more valuable customer than someone you got through an ad buy.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

"Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. Affiliate marketing maybe your next best career move.”

Larry Bussey


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